Ancient woodland restoration small scale harvesting and extraction demonstration event

10:00 – 17:00 Thursday 22nd September and/or 10:00 – 17:00 Friday 23rd September

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Lochaber Participatory Budget September 2016

Please support Glengarry Community Woodlands’ bid to the small grant fund ‘Your Voice Your Choice’ by voting for us online (by Sunday 18th) by following the link below, or completing the postal voting form (attached).  This grant will help us to set up our office in the old forestry depot and get the things we need so that we can start delivering for the communities of Invergarry and Glengarry.

Thanks for your support,

Tom Cooper (Community Development Officer for GCW)

Lochaber Participatory Budget postal voting form (click here for PDF)

Turas nan Craobh: A Journey with Trees

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September

A Journey with Trees programme (click here for PDF)

REMINDER - Scoping Walk and Open Meeting Wednesday 20th July 2016

Please encourage all to attend!

Scoping Walk and Open Meeting (click here for PDF)


Job Opportunity in Glengarry

Glengarry Community Woodlands CDO (click here for PDF)


More than just a plant sale!

Sat 4th June

31st May 2016

GCW Summer 2016 Newsletter (click here for PDF)


4th May 2016

Volunteer Walker Leader Training Day Wednesday 4th May 2016 (click here for PDF)

20th April 2016

Agenda for Public Meeting Wednesday 20th April 2016 (click here for PDF)

11th April 2016

Invergarry Walking Group (click here for PDF)

11th April 2016

Public Meeting 20th April 2016 (click here for PDF)

29th March 2016

Step It Up Highland 'Taster Walk' 12th April 2016 (click here for PDF)

10th March 2016

Volunteer Activities March 2016 (click here for PDF)

7th March 2016

The Glengarry Treasure Hunt (click here for PDF)

29th February 2016

Newsletter February 2016 (click here for PDF)

Newsletter - Feb 2016 page 1 of 2

Newsletter - Feb 2016 page 2 of 2


January 2016

24th December

Newsletter December 2015

Newsletter - Dec 2015



4th November

Invite to VAL event on sat 14th November in Glengarry Community Hall

Here are details of an event taking place in the Hall on Sat 14th November... Please come along and hear how you can get involved - the children are already on board and should be able to show us some more of their artwork around their ideas of volunteering so it should be a fun day!

Invite to VAL event on sat 14th November in Glengarry Community Hall



24th October

Newsletter October 2015

Newsletter - Oct 2015


4th October 2015

Meet the woodlands walk - open to all!
Gather at Glengarry Community Hall for 11:00 am on Sat 10th October (PDF here)
Meet the Woodlands walk Oct 2015


3rd October 2015

The job description for the Glengarry Community Woodlands - Community Woodland Development Officer is available as a PDF here

A summary of the required outcomes (with dates) for SLF (Scottish Land Fund):  PDF file here

Outcome:1  Acquisition of Glengarry Woodland and the former Forestry
Commission Depot will bring an important local asset into community
ownership and creates the opportunity for it to be developed for new
economic, social and recreational activities.

Indicator - Woodland transferred into community ownership
Timescale - End of Y1

Indicator - Development Officer recruited
Timescale - End of Y1

Indicator - Woodland Design Plan drafted
Timescale - End of Y1

Outcome:2  Ownership of Glengarry Woodland will empower the community
to lead and control the development of the woodlands to contribute to the local
economy and generate sustainable income for community benefit.

Indicator - Woodland design plan agreed by FCS and felling license obtained.
Timescale - End of Y1

Indicator - Woodland made safe for access.
Timescale - End of Y1

Outcome:3  Community ownership of the woodland will contribute to the
resilience and cohesion of the community by creating new opportunities for
local people to be involved in the management and development of their asset.

Indicator - Woodland volunteer group established
Timescale - End of Y1

Indicator - Plans for trails, walks and picnic areas developed.
Timescale - End of Y1

Indicator - Plans for outdoor classroom further developed.
Timescale - End of Y1



28th September

Remember remember the 30th September is the first General Meeting of the new Glengarry Community Woodlands company!  We really need as many members as possible to be present to support the formation of the new board of directors, so please do come along to the Glengarry Community Hall for 7:30pm on Wednesday 30th September.


12th September

Newsletter September 2015

Newsletter - Sept 2015


15 August 2015

Thank you to all those who came to our Question Time on 22nd July.
There was much lively debate and the questions and answers below can only be a simplified version of that discussion but we hope these give a flavour of the evening and are helpful to those who weren't there

Q What do the directors do?
A The Directors will be resposible for making the strategy and
policy decisions for the running of Glengarry Community
Woodlands in order to achieve the aims voted for by the

Q How long do they stay in position?
A The articles of association state that directors can serve a
maximum of 3 years then stand for election for a further
maximum 3 year term before being required to stand down for at
least one year before being eligible for re-election.

Q Can the 2 x 3yr rotation of directors be relaxed in smaller
A In theory yes, but in practice a rotation of directors from the
membership is good for the company.

Q Do all directors have to be local?
A Up to 3 additional (non local) directors can be co-opted by
the board of elected (local) directors. Please see the Articles of
Association on our website for further details.

Q How best can we encourage the community to be involved?
A Have a range of the most popular ideas from the survey with
suitable opportunities for volunteering, and continually discuss
and engage with the whole community.

Q What would you pick as a quick win?
A The (selective) harvesting of the over mature Douglas Fir
timber at the north end of the woodland to introduce some
working capital and enable some of the other opportunities
and ideas.

Q Do we need to have ideas set in stone before applying for
grant funding?
A No ideas have to be set in stone but detailed and costed
proposals have been included in the the Feasibility Study
which has formed part of the funding application. This is not an
exhaustive list of ideas and more possibilities can be explored
in the fullness of time.

Q How do we include children?
A Engaging the local schools to become involved with all
aspects of the Woodland, particularly opportunities for a
"Woodland Classrom"

Q What kind of jobs could be created?
A Initially, a Community Development Officer and within a short
timescale a firewood business could provide employment
opportunity. Further down the line many opportunities could
be developed from the ideas suggested and listed in the
Feasibility Study.

Q What stage are we at with funding?
A Very close to hearing back from the Scottish Land Fund (due to get back to
us this September)

Q What is Plan B for funding?
A One possibility is to re-apply for the next round of SLF
funding, another would be to apply for other lottery funding
such as "Investing in Communities: Growing Community

Q Is there an understanding of whether timber sales could be
used to offset the costs of acquisition?
A Not directly but the timber sales detailed in the Feasibility
Study will very strongly support any application for funding.

Q How do members get involved without causing conflict of
A In the very rare event of an issue arising where a financial
conflict of interest arises, the member simply declares the
interest and does not vote on that specific issue.

Q Do you see the role of the Board as facilitators rather than
A Mainly the directors will appoint subcontractors or enlist
expert help for management and projects so a bit of both.

Q When does the new Highland Council structure plan come into force?
A The presentation of the Draft plan to the councillors is now
overdue so should be in the time-scale of months rather than
years - no specific date though.

Q How much would it cost to maintain the woodland – is it
going to be worthwhile?
A The Woodland presents many opportunities to be financially
self sustainable and can be a platform to enable more of the
which the community puts forward - many of which are listed
in the feasibility study.  Some of these will of course require
extra funding but will have many benefits for the community.

Q What form could wildlife hides take – what potential is there?
A There are many potential locations for wildlife hides in the
woodlands and if located next to a path, they would provide a
"reason to stop" and appreciate the natural environment of the

Q How easy would it be to sell the land if it doesn't work?
A If for whatever reason the Glengarry Community Woodland
company had to be brought to a close, the Woodland would be
placed on sale with first offer perhaps going to a housing
association. The caveat is that any funding awarded to the
project must be redistributed to charitable causes benefiting
the community.

15th August

Newsletter August 2015

Newsletter - May 2015


7th July

Question Time is approaching...

Question Time 22nd July 7:30pm

25th June 2015

We now have Articles of Association for the company

The Feasibility Study is also available (please be patient when downloading it, it is over 13 MB)

Please note the change of date for the next committee meeting to 8th July

Newsletter - June 2015

2nd June 2015

Good news! After lots of hard work by the members of our steering group we have managed to get our application to the Scottish Land Fund submitted in good time for yesterday's deadline. Well done and thanks to all involved.

Now it's fingers crossed time while we wait for the decision, which should be with us in August.


Newsletter May 2015

Newsletter - May 2015


Newsletter - April 2015

Newsletter - April 2015

Glengarry Community Woodland Update 24 March 2015:

A brief update on progress and call for assistance

Family Open-Day Saturday 28th March 1:30 - 4:30, Glengarry Community Hall

As part of the process to secure funding for the proposed purchase, the steering group are forming a company, limited by guarantee, with charitable status.

The likelihood of achieving funding is very significantly increased by displaying strong membership of the company from within the local community.

There is no financial cost associated with joining the company (Glengarry Community Woodlands).

The role of its members is essentially to appoint, by voting, 'Directors' (local residents) who will run the company

The liability of each member is restricted, by law, to £1, should the company fail.

We ask as many residents as possible to join the company to strengthen our application to the Land Fund (June, 2015) for the proposed purchase.

All local households should receive an invitation to the open day, where there will be more information on display and where you can join the company.  If you cannot attend the open day but would like to join the company, there is a reply card attached to your invitation.  Alternatively you can dowload, print and complete the Membership Form and post it to:

Grace Grant
Glengarry Community Woodland Steering Group
The Old Farmhouse
PH35 4HG

Junior membership (age 12-17) is available.

If you require further information, or have not received an invitation, please contact

Bruce Kocjan - Briggs   01809501294
Grace Grant   01809501488

Newsletter - March 2015

GCW Newsletter - March 2015

Newsletter - December 2014

Newsletter - December 2014

13th Nov 2014

Great News, the NFLS Application has been accepted !


12th Aug 2014

So, you've all given the committee loads to think about - and we will come back to you as the ideas crystallise. In the meantime, we're plugging away at the National Forest Land Scheme (NFLS) application form - all 19 pages of it! We'll let you all know how that goes and all the further developments...