To make a community purchase from Forestry Commission Scotland a majority of Glengarry residents (on a large turnout - more than 50%) must agree in a formal ballot.

The results have been received from VAL (Voluntry Action Lochaber) - who carried out the ballot:

300 papers were sent out
168 returned (56 % Turnout)
Yes - 150 (89.2%)
No - 16 (9.5%)
Blank - 2 (1.2%)

A very big thank you to everyone who voted and of course VAL for carrying out the ballot!
This will allow the process of purchasing the Woodland from FCS to move forward, so please check this website regularly for progress updates.

Background Information for Ballot

The residents of Glengarry have an opportunity to acquire some 30 Hectares of woodland that are being sold by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS), via the National Forest Land Scheme (NFLS).


Woodland Location

Woodland Plot Detail

As you can see from the map, the land being sold is really convenient to the village of Invergarry and is likely to be regularly passed by all who live and work in the area. It is split into three lots - but these are not being sold separately by FCS.

As a single purchase it means there is fantastic access - with an existing hut and services on site, as well as the opportunities provided by the woods themselves.  We’re asking for your support, not your money!

A Glengarry Community Woodland (GCW) Steering Group has recently been constituted in order to investigate the viability of the community being able to achieve this purchase, to spread relevant information and, most importantly, to seek the views of all those who live and work in the community.

The information here starts spreading the word but there is also a ‘questions and answer’ information page available. And this is just a beginning of the information we will get to you.

Thanks everyone for remembering to return your ballot papers by 1st August 2014!